Lucozade Formula One

Ever wondered about what fuels a Formula One driver? A Mircosite for Lucozade and McLaren takes a closer look at what Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton’s bodies go through on the track. Featured on 7 national […]

Sky Broadband

For Sky’s Broadband sale a typographic treatment was developed to tell the story and be engaging with or without audio. Custom versions were created for users of Video On demand and Skype, along with placements […]

BBC Radio1 & 1Xtra Live

Radio 1 and 1 Xtra needed a concept for their Live Events media which could be easily updated with new bands, venues and a live countdown. The graphics having to work with a variety of […]

Sky+ Spenglers

Sky+ Spenglers Online Advertising: Phone Call Sky introduces a monster family called “The Spenglers” trying to fit in with human life. To avoid missing their favourite television programme they use Sky+ Live Pause.

Betfair Stars & Strikes

Manchester United stars in the bowling alley. Berbatov, Evra, and Young compete against each other for Strikes, but with footballs! Various sizes and languages needed to be built using Doubleclick technology to drive traffic to […]

HTC Digital

HTC Digital Outdoor Banners shown across London in Tube stations, Westfield shopping centre, Canary Wharf and Piccadilly circus.


Examples of Motion work I did with Critical Mass for the website and online advertising.


The RSPCA seeking donations needed a banner that would be sure to grab the attention of viewers. Shot on a bright sunny day, the video footage was graded for a gritty and desolate look. Determined […]

City Index

A series of three 10 second Stings, for the huge digital billboard at Canary wharf.


Examples of Design, Interactive and Motion work I did with Critical Mass for

Sky Atlantic

To launch the new US entertainment channel Sky Atlantic, custom takeovers were developed showcasing Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire and included a HBO video player.


H&M’s universal appeal starts with clean, classic designs updated with contemporary styling.

Sky Never-Limit-Land

Sky+ Never-Limit-Land is playful take on familiar fairy tale stories, with a twist. The fairy required classic animation mixed with some clever code to keep the file sizes to a minimum.


Sting created for iStockphoto showcasing 12 iStockvideo clips.


Desperados a premium beer with a unique tequila flavour. It’s edginess required a punchy, quick-draw style of animation. Stay on your toes, that iguana is watching you.


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